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Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans were created to give you an option of private insurance over traditional Medicare coverage.  If you came here looking to get Medicare Advantage quotes you can get started by filling out the form on this page. If you are just researching this as an option or trying to find the Best Medicare Advantage plans for your needs the keep reading as we look at this great program for seniors.

How Does a Medicare Advantage Plan Work?

Most people are somewhat familiar with traditional Medicare plans.  To understand a Medicare Advantage plan you have to pretty much forget how Medicare works and think more of the insurance you would get from an employer.  While Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover all the services that Medicare plans do, they are very different in how they work for you.  The MA plans are private insurance that replaces Medicare.  They have deductibles, copays and coinsurance, just like Medicare does, but it varies greatly from plan to plan.  The plans are subsidized by the money that would have gone to your Medicare service.  This means you can get plans very cheaply and some end up having no monthly premium to pay.  If you were looking for a little more detailed information you can check out our article, “What is Medicare Advantage” HERE or can research about individual Medicare Advantage plans by state HERE.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

The best way to Compare Medicare Advantage plans is to get a set of Medicare Advantage quotes.  Buy filling out the zip code form on this page you will be directed to companies that have at least one type of Medicare Advantage plan in your area.  When you compare Medicare Advantage plans you want to make sure that you are comparing the same types of plans.  So while one company may be offering a PPO another may be an HMO or some other form of insurance.  If you are unfamiliar with these terms you can check out our list of Medicare Advantage plans that details the most common types of Medicare Advantage insurance and some of the most widely available and most popular MA companies.  One thing you will want to make sure to pay attention to when you compare Medicare Advantage plans is whether the plan includes prescription drug coverage and how much.  This is a common way for a company to offer a lower priced plan but

Medicare Advantage Quotes

Getting Medicare Advantage quotes is as easy as filling out the zip code box at the top of this page and clicking submit.  These quotes will give you the best Medicare Advantage plans for your area and allow you to find the best one for your needs.  We recommend getting at least three quotes so that you can get the least expensive prices on your coverage.  Just like auto insurance or home owner’s insurance getting multiple Medicare Advantage quotes will make sure that you get the best service and prices.